Creative Caravans Pty Ltd

Creative Caravans Pty Ltd is Out of Business and NOT affiliated with Retreat Caravans.
Please contact the dealer which sold you your caravans for warranties and appliances concerns.

We manufacture off road caravans, family caravans and a range of luxury caravans for couples wanting to just holiday or travel Australia. Established in 2003, Creative Caravans have become well known throughout Australia as a progressive and innovative designer and manufacturer of quality caravans.

Creative by name, Creative by design has become the hallmark of Creative Caravans, and our range of configurations and floor plans are testimony to this. Our design team takes great care to incorporate all the features you would expect to meet your lifestyle requirements. As we continue to push the envelope in design and affordability, Creative Caravans are constantly improving methods of manufacture to ensure our off road caravans are of the highest quality with value in line with the needs of our customers.

Take the time to visit the pages of our Tanami caravan styles, and We are confident you will find a van to your liking. If not, please contact us and we will make every effort to modify designs to your requirements. An example of the is above where we made a caravan to suit a motor bike enthusiast.