Getting the Most from Your Family Caravan
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The family caravan is as popular as ever in Australian culture, for many great reasons. Many of us grew up with a caravan, and the excitement of the annual family holiday is something we want to pass on to our own families. However, caravans these days are much more luxurious and are outfitted with just about everything a growing family needs. As a result, many families want to use their caravans for more than just the occasional holiday.

A Permanent Holiday Home

Some people choose to set their family caravan up on a permanent site at a favourite holiday location (which is, for many, akin to owning their own holiday house). This is great if you’re able to visit the caravan frequently during the year. It provides an excellent way of getting away from home without the expense that can come from having to pay for accommodation. It’s especially handy during those summer months, where you may not be able to spend weeks away from home, but can still enjoy summery weekends away with family and friends. One of the best things is that the caravan is always ready for you! Many people set their caravan up as a real home away from home and have all the necessities present (just add fresh food!), so it’s convenient to visit at any time.

Extra Living Quarters

Another way of making the most of the family caravan is to set it up in the back yard as an extra room/living area. Many teens appreciate being able to have their own space away from the hustle and bustle of the family, particularly while studying. A fully outfitted caravan provides a truly comfortable, relaxing place to live for many. Of course, it’s not just teens who can benefit. Many people set their caravan up for elderly parents to stay in during the year. Given the high quality construction of today’s caravans, this is often a better alternative than living in an older home! With comfortable bedding, fully outfitted kitchens and bathrooms, caravans provide a really comfortable living space.

A Luxurious and Quiet Home Office

Other people use their family caravan as an external home office. This works very well for those who work from home, or do a lot of their work from home, as it enables them to work in a quiet, peaceful environment away from family noise. There are many advantages to owning a caravan that go beyond simply taking vacations every year, and with a bit of careful planning the caravan can be utilised year round. If you’re interested in getting a quote on a great caravan, visit Creative Caravans and have a look at their excellent family range.

Holidays With Your Tanami Caravan
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Nothing is more exciting than holidaying with your Tanami caravan in tow. A lot of people have fond memories of holidaying with the old family caravan, but also remember how uncomfortable it was to sleep in, or how hot some of those sweltering summer days were! However, today’s range of caravans are designed to be as comfortable (or more so) than staying in a hotel or motel, and make the family holiday extra pleasant. Today’s caravans provide comforts like air conditioning, and beds with pillow topped mattresses. They’re often a lot less cramped and better designed than old style caravans, meaning that the whole family can stay in comfort, with room even for the kids (and sometimes the family pet too!).

The Huge Advantages of the Tanami Caravan

There are many advantages to owning a Tanami caravan that go beyond simple comfort. The caravan really does provide a home away from home, which can either travel wherever fancy takes you, or can be permanently situated in a favourite caravan park.

A lot of people find a certain comfort in staying in familiar quarters, even when away from home. This is something that only a caravan can truly provide, unless you are fortunate enough to have your own holiday house (which is out of reach for the average Aussie family). A good caravan is fully outfitted with all the comforts of home, but it often takes a few additional touches to really make it “homey”. In time, the caravan becomes almost an extension of the family home, just a relocatable part that can travel with you wherever you go!

Extra Comforts Come As A Standard

When holidaying with your Tanami caravan, you can be assured that no matter where you end up, you’ll always have somewhere safe and comfortable to spend the night. This style caravan has enough room for everyone, as well as extras such as a flat screen TV, three bunk beds in the family version (each with an attached DVD player), a microwave and conventional oven with cook top, good sized refrigerator, and a full bathroom. It’s also possible to custom fit the caravan to suit your unique needs, as there’s little that can’t be done to assure that your caravan is fully suitable and has everything you need for a comfortable holiday.

Learn More About the Benefits

To find out more about the Tanami caravan range, obtain a quote or discuss custom fitted caravans, visit Creative Caravans and find out what they can do for you. There’s a caravan type to suit just about every need and budget.

What Makes an Off Road Caravan Different
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Many people don’t think much about the type of caravan they’ll choose when they first decide to purchase one, but after seeing the off road caravan they realise that there are many advantages to owning such a model. While you can take this style of caravan to your typical caravan parks, you can also take it far off the beaten track, providing you and your family with more opportunities for adventure than you’d have with a regular caravan.

The Biggest Differences

So what makes the off road caravan different? The biggest difference is in the construction of the caravan body. For starters they have a tougher chassis, which allows them to travel over much rougher terrain. They’re also designed to be more manoeuverable, so they can get in and out of difficult positions more easily, and are also easier to turn (which is crucial if you’re travelling on narrow tracks). These caravans also have extra equipment, making them safer to travel long distances and out bush with. For example, there are larger water tanks and batteries, larger gas cylinders, better communication systems, as well as more storage space.

Comfort is Not an Optional Extra

This is not to say that the off road caravan is less comfortable to stay in than a regular caravan! They have as many luxury features as you’d expect to find in any typical caravan, and can also be custom fitted with extras if desired. Many people think that an off road caravan must be more basic and less comfortable, but this is simply not the case. It’s still possible to have your caravan fitted with all the luxuries of home, including full cooking facilities, a good sized bathroom, beds with pillow topped mattresses, TV, air conditioning and more.

A Great Choice for Extended Travel

When people choose to take extended trips around the country, they often end up choosing an off road caravan, because they realise from the outset how much easier it will make their journey. With the extra storage and equipment, it’s possible to take the caravan further away from civilisation for longer time periods without worrying about running out of precious supplies. Also, if something unexpected happens (like being caught in a flood), the caravan is well able to cope with the conditions. Many people are unsure of exactly what they can do with their off road caravan, so it’s reassuring to know that it can go pretty much anywhere a good 4WD car can go, but sometimes it’s a good idea to do a little bit of experimentation before committing yourself to conditions that you may or may not be able to handle!

Learn More About the Benefits

To learn more about the off road caravan range, visit Creative Caravans and experience for yourself the benefits of owning one. You can look at different floor plans, explore custom options and get a quote for the caravan of your dreams.

What to Look for in a Family Van
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When you’re selecting your family van, you need to consider carefully exactly what features you need before you make the decision to purchase. There are many excellent caravan styles you can purchase as is, and there are also options to custom fit your caravan to suit your exact needs. For starters you need to consider the size of your family. A family of three will have different needs to a family of six, for example! It’s also important to consider whether anyone outside your immediate family will holiday with you. A small caravan may seem to suit a small family, but when you decide to bring along the grandparents, or other family members or friends, things can get challenging.

Plan Well for the Future

When choosing the family van, it can be a great idea to err on the side of caution. Make sure there are more sleeping spaces than those which seem to be needed (of course, adding on an annexe is always an option) and that there’s enough room at the kitchen table for the entire family plus a couple of add-ons. Many people think they won’t need such additions, but then later regret that they didn’t plan ahead well. Many caravans are designed to fit a family of four to five quite comfortably, and with the addition of an annexe, there’s often enough space for others, as well as a bit of extra room to move.

Needs Change as Time Passes

It’s also important to remember that as the years pass, the family will grow older, and the family van will still need to suit! There’s a difference between taking three small children on holidays, and taking three larger teens, so it’s a great idea to consider the needs of older children, even when yours are barely out of nappies. Some styles of caravan contain things like individual DVD players in the kids’ room, and while this may not seem like a good idea for really small children, it can be quite a benefit with older kids! And while small children may not mind sleeping in the kitchen/living area (which many caravans make convertible into a sleeping area at night), when they’re older they may appreciate more privacy, and thus a caravan with two bedrooms may be more suitable.

Make an Informed Decision

When choosing your family van, feel free to visit Creative Caravans to discuss with them the needs of your family, and have a look at a few floor plans and caravans so you can make a really good, informed decision. It’s always possible to get a custom design too, if you have any special needs! They’ll be able to provide you with professional expertise as well as a quote.

Making the Most of Your Family Caravan
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Many of us grew up with a family caravan, and have fond memories of trips away to the beach or the bush, and it’s these experiences that we want our children to share as well. Having a caravan is a fantastic way of seeing the country, and just getting away for a regular family holiday without having to worry about booking hotels or motels. Being able to travel with a caravan means you’re able to go at your own pace and on your own schedule, and you’ll always have comfortable accommodation, no matter where you are.

Choosing the Right Van For Your Family

There are so many different family caravans to suit different needs these days, ranging from large models with heaps of room to move, to off road caravans that can be taken pretty much anywhere. Whichever caravan you choose will depend a lot on the needs of your particular family, and on what you expect in the future! If you buy your caravan when you’ve got a couple of small children, you need to plan ahead for several years down the track when the kids are older and may also want to bring their own friends along on the family holiday.

Many caravans are designed with extra bedding and space in mind, and certainly suit larger families. Others you can always add an annexe on if needed, but sometimes it’s worth getting an extra large caravan right from the start.

Important Things to Consider

There are several things you need to consider when purchasing your family caravan. For starters, what are you planning on towing it with? Some people think a large family sedan is big enough, but this is not always the case, particularly with a larger caravan. Always find out the towing capacity of your car first, and even consider upgrading your vehicle if you discover that you’re not able to tow the sort of caravan you want. Oddly enough, most people keep their caravans longer than their cars, so it’s best to get the right caravan at the beginning if you can afford it.

A Caravan Should Last You For Many Years

A good sized family caravan from Creative Caravans includes plenty of comfortable features and lots of room, including two separate sleeping areas (one with a double or triple bunk for the kids), a full sized bathroom, a fully outfitted kitchen, air conditioning, and pretty much everything you’d expect from a top quality caravan. Holidays away are certainly more enjoyable when you know you’ll get a comfortable sleep at the end of the day. If the standard caravans in the range don’t fully suit your needs, it’s always possible to get a custom design that will suit you now, and in years to come.

Choosing a Family Caravan
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One of the most exciting things you can do is purchase a new family caravan. Caravans are hugely popular today in Australia, and have been for years, simply because of the freedom having a caravan brings. With a caravan you can take the family to a new spot each year, or even tour the country! Some prefer the convenience of having their caravan set up in a regular location that can be visited whenever the family needs time away, while others prefer to explore the great unknown.

Families Have Unique Caravan Needs

The family caravan can really provide a “home away from home” feel, which can be so much more comforting than staying in random motels or hotels each vacation. A caravan can be stocked with everything the family needs, including familiar toys and bedding, which may be impractical to take on a regular family holiday. This makes caravan ownership very appealing to many families.

Of course, there are some downsides to caravan ownership and many things that need to be considered before the purchase is made. For starters, you need to consider the vehicle that will be towing the caravan. If it’s a car you’ve already got, you’ll need to find out the towing capacity, and choose a caravan to suit. You also need to consider the size of your family. If you’ve got young children now, you’ll need to bear in mind that it won’t be long before they’re teens, and will need bigger beds and more space! A good sized caravan designed particularly for families is a great investment in this case, rather than one the toddlers need to be squeezed into.

Utilising Your Caravan Year Round

A family caravan is great during summer vacation, but can sometimes be neglected during the colder winter months. However, many families still find ways to make use of this asset. A caravan can be set up in the back yard and can be used as a home office, or maybe as somewhere visitors can stay. A lot of teens like to make use of the caravan as a more private living space, and others find a good sized caravan an asset for elderly parents (who can always stay in the family home when the caravan is being used at vacation time).

What Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Caravan

The most important consideration when choosing a caravan for your family is to work out what your family needs now and in years to come. How many members of the family are there, and will other family members or friends sometimes holiday with you? Will you be bringing along the family dog on your holidays, and where will he or she be sleeping?

What sort of holidays do you envisage your family taking, for instance, will you be going to a regular camping ground or will you want to explore off the beaten track? Once you’ve worked out exactly what you need, Creative Caravans can help you find the ideal family caravan to suit your needs, and can even modify or outfit their standard designs to create a custom model to suit your exact needs.

Holidaying With a Family Caravan
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For many families, one of the most anticipated times of the year is getting the family van ready for the annual vacation, and with good reason. Family holidays are always an anticipated event, and when you own a caravan it becomes a meaningful part of the family dynamic, that’s associated with freedom and good times. Whether you travel to the same location each year, or choose a different destination, the caravan becomes much like home for the duration of the holidays.

Getting Used to Your Caravan

There are many things which must be considered when setting up the family van for the annual vacation. If it’s your first time with a caravan, there are certain things you’ll need to plan ahead for and get used to. Many families start out by planning only a short vacation away with their caravan, often not too far away from home, just so they get a feel for it.

It can be very daunting taking a caravan out for the first time if you’ve never towed something that large before, too, so it can be helpful to get some practice runs in first! As with anything, the more you practice, the better you get, so don’t panic if it’s a little scary taking it out at first, it will get easier with time.

Bring What You Need But Don’t Overdo It

Outfitting the family van is pretty important too. Start getting ready some days before you plan on leaving just so you can be sure you’ve got everything you’ll need for your vacation. Filling up the van with important items from home is a good starting point, but also be careful not to go overboard. While it’s nice to take a part of home with you, you don’t want to take so much that you get overwhelmed, or that your caravan becomes cluttered with items you really don’t need while you’re away. This often means restricting kids’ toys and clothing options!

With a Caravan You Can Do What You Like

When you’re used to travelling with your family van, and you’ve got everything you need, you’re ready to start your adventure! The great thing about caravans is that in many ways, the sky’s the limit. Whether you’re happy camping in the same spot each year (some people get permanent places for their caravans so they can take vacations or weekends off whenever they choose) or whether you want to see more of the country, a caravan can provide the means for you to do it. To explore some of the innovative new range of family caravans, visit Creative Caravans and have a look at their range, or even get a quote on a custom designed van.

Why You Should consider an Off Road Caravan
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More and more people are choosing to purchase an off road caravan rather than a traditional style caravan, and with good reason. An off road caravan has many benefits over the traditional design.

Not only does having one mean you can get “off the beaten track” but you’ll often find them easier to manoeuver because they’re designed to make it easier to get around in tough conditions. Basically, an off road caravan can take you wherever a good 4WD vehicle can take you, which means that if you want to get out and see the country, you’ll see a lot more if you’re towing one of these!

What Your Off Road Caravan Will Contain

Of course, having an off road van doesn’t mean you need to do without the comforts of home. There’s no reason why your caravan can’t be outfitted with everything you need for not only a comfortable, but even a luxurious, vacation. The biggest differences aren’t the interior comforts, but rather the extra sturdy construction, extra waterproofing, and additional supplies such as larger water tanks and gas cylinders, more storage space, larger batteries, and upgraded communication facilities. Basically, they’ve got what you need to keep you safe and secure even if you’re far away from civilization, or you get into some sort of trouble while travelling.

Why You Should Consider an Off Road Caravan

If you’ve never had a caravan before, you may never have previously considered an off road van, but it’s worth thinking about particularly if you’re keen on adventuring further afield. Many people think they need to keep their caravanning separate from camping or bushwalking style holidays, but that’s not necessarily the case. If you do like to take your family on more vigorous and exciting adventures, an off road caravan can be the perfect choice. What better way to really explore the bush or outback than by taking out the caravan and then setting up in some remote location so you can explore the area?

Getting the Perfect Caravan Design

It doesn’t matter what your needs are, there is an off road caravan to suit. Creative Caravans have a selection of off road caravans, but can also custom design one to suit any particular need or situation, whether you’ve got a growing family or you’re a couple who are ready to adventure alone. It’s really important to work out exactly what it is you need, and then you can work out an exact plan to get the perfect caravan. Naturally, it’s far better to get it right from the start rather than just make do with what you’ve got because it wasn’t planned well in the initial stages. It’s better to take your time initially than to rush into a purchase and then discover you need to make changes.

Having Fun with your Tanami Caravan
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Having a Tanami caravan provides you with years of exciting, rewarding holiday fun. There’s no better way to experience the country with your family than with a caravan. Those who haven’t experienced the joys of travelling with a caravan are sometimes surprised by how much fun it actually is. Right from the time you start planning your trip until the day away, excitement starts to mount. There’s something really special about your first night away in a caravan, with new people, new sights and new experiences. One of the most exciting times of the year for many kids is when the family starts prepping the caravan ready for summer vacation time.

Your Caravan is Like a Small Piece of Home You Take With You

Tanami caravan travellers experience the country in a different way! While it’s all well and good to take vacations at hotels, motels or holiday parks, there’s something special about being able to take your own “home away from home” with you. A caravan becomes something like an extension of the family home. It’s a place where the whole family feel safe and comfortable, no matter where they are.

Of course, there are several very important things to consider before purchasing a caravan. For starters you need to consider the towing vehicle. If you’ve already got a car you plan to tow with, you need to know its towing capacity before you purchase your caravan. It’s a little easier if you’re purchasing the caravan first, but many assume that their regular family car will do the job and then are surprised that they can’t get the caravan of their choice.

Practice Makes Perfect

It’s also a good idea to practice towing your Tanami caravan before you actually head off on a long trip for the first time! Towing a caravan is quite different to towing a standard trailer, and you’ll find your fuel efficiency is much lower, too. It’s a great idea to work out the fuel efficiency of your car travelling with a loaded caravan before you plan your journey, so you’ll get a better idea of exactly how often you’ll need to stop for fuel! Many unwary travellers have been caught out because they haven’t planned this well in advance.

Caravan Holidays Are Fantastic When You’re Well Prepared

The secret to packing your Tanami caravan for the first time, is to practice camping out in it before you’ve left your home! Stock it with everything you think you’ll need while you’re away, and plan to stay the night in it. You’ll know soon enough if you’ve forgotten anything important! Once you’re familiar with all the details, you’ll find your caravan holidays are more exciting than ever, and you may start journeying further afield to experience more of our wonderful country. If you’re interested in getting a quote on a Tanami caravan, or on getting a custom designed one, visit Creative Caravans.

Selecting Your Family Van
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When the time comes to choose a family van, it’s really important to consider all your needs before making a rash purchase. These days there are many styles of caravan suited to family travel, and floor plans can vary quite a bit from caravan to caravan. For this reason it is important to do your homework carefully and list everything you need in a caravan before actually going out to start looking. When you do take the time out to look at caravan showrooms, you may want to take extra notes for your list, as there may well be many desirable features that you hadn’t considered earlier.

Plan for the Present and the Future

One of the great things about a family van is that it can suit your family for many years, but only if its chosen carefully right from the beginning. If you start out buying a caravan when you’ve got small children, you may focus on features that will suit them, while forgetting that in a few very short years they’ll be in their teens and their needs may be very different! For this reason you have to look at not only the present but also the future use of the caravan.

Other Uses for your Caravan

Another thing to consider when selecting your family van is what use it will be put to when you’re not actually holidaying. While many people have their caravan permanently set up on site, and visit often during the year to make the most of it, others want to travel to different destinations from year to year, and thus need to keep their caravan at home the rest of the time. Quite often you see caravans stored away and unopened for months at a time simply because they haven’t been re-purposed. However, with an expensive item like a caravan, it makes sense to get full use out of it. For some, this may mean turning it into a home office in the off season, while others may use it as an external room for their teens, or perhaps keep it set up for elderly parents or other visitors.

Don’t Rush the Decision Making

Whatever use you intend to make of your family van, don’t rush the decision making process when selecting it. Look at multiple floor layouts, and don’t be afraid to take pictures inside the vans you see so that you can later take home and discuss. Visiting Creative Caravans can expose you to numerous caravans to suit a multitude of needs. They’re also able to custom fit caravans, so if you don’t find something perfect initially, it’s always possible to make it perfect to suit!