Getting the Most from Your Family Caravan

The family caravan is as popular as ever in Australian culture, for many great reasons. Many of us grew up with a caravan, and the excitement of the annual family holiday is something we want to pass on to our own families. However, caravans these days are much more luxurious and are outfitted with just about everything a growing family needs. As a result, many families want to use their caravans for more than just the occasional holiday.

A Permanent Holiday Home

Some people choose to set their family caravan up on a permanent site at a favourite holiday location (which is, for many, akin to owning their own holiday house). This is great if you’re able to visit the caravan frequently during the year. It provides an excellent way of getting away from home without the expense that can come from having to pay for accommodation. It’s especially handy during those summer months, where you may not be able to spend weeks away from home, but can still enjoy summery weekends away with family and friends. One of the best things is that the caravan is always ready for you! Many people set their caravan up as a real home away from home and have all the necessities present (just add fresh food!), so it’s convenient to visit at any time.

Extra Living Quarters

Another way of making the most of the family caravan is to set it up in the back yard as an extra room/living area. Many teens appreciate being able to have their own space away from the hustle and bustle of the family, particularly while studying. A fully outfitted caravan provides a truly comfortable, relaxing place to live for many. Of course, it’s not just teens who can benefit. Many people set their caravan up for elderly parents to stay in during the year. Given the high quality construction of today’s caravans, this is often a better alternative than living in an older home! With comfortable bedding, fully outfitted kitchens and bathrooms, caravans provide a really comfortable living space.

A Luxurious and Quiet Home Office

Other people use their family caravan as an external home office. This works very well for those who work from home, or do a lot of their work from home, as it enables them to work in a quiet, peaceful environment away from family noise. There are many advantages to owning a caravan that go beyond simply taking vacations every year, and with a bit of careful planning the caravan can be utilised year round. If you’re interested in getting a quote on a great caravan, visit Creative Caravans and have a look at their excellent family range.