What Makes an Off Road Caravan Different

Many people don’t think much about the type of caravan they’ll choose when they first decide to purchase one, but after seeing the off road caravan they realise that there are many advantages to owning such a model. While you can take this style of caravan to your typical caravan parks, you can also take it far off the beaten track, providing you and your family with more opportunities for adventure than you’d have with a regular caravan.

The Biggest Differences

So what makes the off road caravan different? The biggest difference is in the construction of the caravan body. For starters they have a tougher chassis, which allows them to travel over much rougher terrain. They’re also designed to be more manoeuverable, so they can get in and out of difficult positions more easily, and are also easier to turn (which is crucial if you’re travelling on narrow tracks). These caravans also have extra equipment, making them safer to travel long distances and out bush with. For example, there are larger water tanks and batteries, larger gas cylinders, better communication systems, as well as more storage space.

Comfort is Not an Optional Extra

This is not to say that the off road caravan is less comfortable to stay in than a regular caravan! They have as many luxury features as you’d expect to find in any typical caravan, and can also be custom fitted with extras if desired. Many people think that an off road caravan must be more basic and less comfortable, but this is simply not the case. It’s still possible to have your caravan fitted with all the luxuries of home, including full cooking facilities, a good sized bathroom, beds with pillow topped mattresses, TV, air conditioning and more.

A Great Choice for Extended Travel

When people choose to take extended trips around the country, they often end up choosing an off road caravan, because they realise from the outset how much easier it will make their journey. With the extra storage and equipment, it’s possible to take the caravan further away from civilisation for longer time periods without worrying about running out of precious supplies. Also, if something unexpected happens (like being caught in a flood), the caravan is well able to cope with the conditions. Many people are unsure of exactly what they can do with their off road caravan, so it’s reassuring to know that it can go pretty much anywhere a good 4WD car can go, but sometimes it’s a good idea to do a little bit of experimentation before committing yourself to conditions that you may or may not be able to handle!

Learn More About the Benefits

To learn more about the off road caravan range, visit Creative Caravans and experience for yourself the benefits of owning one. You can look at different floor plans, explore custom options and get a quote for the caravan of your dreams.