What to Look for in a Family Van

When you’re selecting your family van, you need to consider carefully exactly what features you need before you make the decision to purchase. There are many excellent caravan styles you can purchase as is, and there are also options to custom fit your caravan to suit your exact needs. For starters you need to consider the size of your family. A family of three will have different needs to a family of six, for example! It’s also important to consider whether anyone outside your immediate family will holiday with you. A small caravan may seem to suit a small family, but when you decide to bring along the grandparents, or other family members or friends, things can get challenging.

Plan Well for the Future

When choosing the family van, it can be a great idea to err on the side of caution. Make sure there are more sleeping spaces than those which seem to be needed (of course, adding on an annexe is always an option) and that there’s enough room at the kitchen table for the entire family plus a couple of add-ons. Many people think they won’t need such additions, but then later regret that they didn’t plan ahead well. Many caravans are designed to fit a family of four to five quite comfortably, and with the addition of an annexe, there’s often enough space for others, as well as a bit of extra room to move.

Needs Change as Time Passes

It’s also important to remember that as the years pass, the family will grow older, and the family van will still need to suit! There’s a difference between taking three small children on holidays, and taking three larger teens, so it’s a great idea to consider the needs of older children, even when yours are barely out of nappies. Some styles of caravan contain things like individual DVD players in the kids’ room, and while this may not seem like a good idea for really small children, it can be quite a benefit with older kids! And while small children may not mind sleeping in the kitchen/living area (which many caravans make convertible into a sleeping area at night), when they’re older they may appreciate more privacy, and thus a caravan with two bedrooms may be more suitable.

Make an Informed Decision

When choosing your family van, feel free to visit Creative Caravans to discuss with them the needs of your family, and have a look at a few floor plans and caravans so you can make a really good, informed decision. It’s always possible to get a custom design too, if you have any special needs! They’ll be able to provide you with professional expertise as well as a quote.