Our Caravan Models

Creative Caravans want you to have the van of your dreams. We work with our dealers to ensure that your caravan experience will be memorable. Prior to the caravan being built, we would ask you to visit our factory. While having a tour of our production facilities to see how the caravans are built, we will spend time with you on the design, ensuring the colour scheme is to your liking and the layout is the correct choice. We look at the type of appliances you require and any other requests you might have.

When you leave, we know that you have the caravan you desire.

For that reason we have several different models to choose from and within each model a number of different designs.

Our designs include:

1. Nomad Caravans

These are designed for couples who want to travel across Australia

2. Family Caravans

These caravans are designed for families

3.  Family Off Road Caravans

These caravans are designed for families who want to travel off the bitumen roads


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