Tanami Family Off Roader Series

Some of the caravans on the pages below represent variations and upgrades from a stock van. Please note that the caravan displayed about may be a variation or upgrade of our base model. Please send us an enquiry so we can design the caravan of your choice.

This delightful range of caravan are designed for families who want to travel off the beaten travel. The Tanami Caravan Family Off Road range is extremely popular, and for some very good reasons. They’re constructed solidly to last for years and years, and yet are extremely comfortable – even luxurious, making holidaying more pleasurable than ever. Caravans are great whether you’ve got a growing family, or you’re retirees ready to travel wherever the mood takes you.

Features include: a G&S 6″ Galavanised chassis, Control Rider suspension, 16″ alloy wheels, Tool box with jerrycan holders, Solar Panel with Prostar – 30.

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