Grant Tourer Highlander

Pros: Standard features that are optional extras on all other brands; layout; build quality.
Cons: lack of HWS (although there is plenty of room for one); awning is mounted so poorly that brackets broke away from the van on first use; no after sales service (was a case of find our own repairer and submit a quote for reimbursement).
Overall: We bought the Grant Tourer Highlander (off-road) pop-top at the Melbourne caravan show in 2008. It has many things standard that are options on other vans (solar panel and controller, 2 batteries, QS bed, outside table, TV aerial output and 12 plug, HD indenendent suspension (coils not leaf springs), 6″ chassis all galvanised, 16″ rims with new tyres, etc). There are only two things I am not happy about: 1. No HWS. We were told by [name censored] that this wasn’t an option because there isn’t enough room. This is just not the case as there is plenty of room under the sink and we paid $300 for an electric hot water tap to be fitted to the sink mixer. This works really well, but draws 3.4kW so is useless when on generator power; and, 2. The top awning mounts are a 45 deg angle bracket tha sit on the top rail of the van side. For some reason these were only screwed in through the side and not the top. As a result the first time we used the awning the screws ripped out of the side of the van. When I approached Creative I was told to get a quote for teh repair and send it to them for approval. I don’t know any caravan repairers and expected they would be able to recommend one to me. In the end we fixed it ourselves and got on with our lives. Apart from that this van is fantastic: tows beautifully and is a pleasure to go away in. I highly recommend Cerative for the money.